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Frequently Asked Questions

Mission & Vision of The Compass School of Texas? 
The mission of The Compass School of Texas is to provide an engaging and wholesome academic foundation that fosters analytical and independent thinking. We value the partnership between families, educators, and students. Our educational approach instills the joy of learning through intentionally curated classrooms and natural environments. Compass students will have the opportunity to explore and discover through multi-disciplinary learning and authentic experiences.

Our vision is to inspire students to be creative and confident leaders of tomorrow.


Compass opened on August 23, 2023 to PK-4 through 2nd grade. The School has plans to grow through 8th grade by 2029 which includes adding one cohort of third grade for the 24-25 school year. Each classroom will have between 12-16 students. 

Tours are typically hosted during select Thursday mornings at 9:00am during the school year. Please go here to see available dates and register for a tour.

The Compass School of Texas conducts a comprehensive admission process which includes an application form, parent personal statement and interview, teacher evaluation, school records, and a playmate or shadow visit. To learn more about the admission process, go here.

Please call (214) 267-9059 or email with any connections. We would love to connect.

The Compass School of Texas has a unique approach to academics that sets it apart. We have created a proprietary curriculum that is Saxon-based and influenced by some of the most internationally renowned teaching philosophies such as Reggio Emilia and Classical Education. The end result is a tailored foundation for every child to grow and learn in a natural way. On a daily basis, students engage in hands-on activities that bring learning to life. These activities spark curiosity and wonder about the world around them and provide valuable opportunities for teachers to extend and enhance lessons.

Two of the most salient differences between Reggio Emilia and Montessori would include collaborative learning versus an individual approach and flexibility that lends itself to a project-based approach.

Compass is in the process of updating the boundaries of its property to include the vacant lot to the east of the campus that it recently acquired. To make this update, the Compass School has a request in front of the City of Dallas to change from an Special Use Permit (SUP) to a planned development, or PD, for our property.

Eventually, The Compass School of Texas would like to go through the 8th grade. As we make plans for the future, we will expand gradually, adding a grade each year.

The preservation of the natural environment on the property is important to the mission of the school. Accordingly, any future plans will feature designs from highly respected architects and landscape professionals with a focus on tree preservation and beautiful landscaping. Compass is excited about all the expansion opportunities and capabilities of the unique campus nestled in between Inwood and Devonshire. 

Financing an independent school education is a major investment. Compass recognizes that the tuition and fees can feel prohibitive to many families, and Compass is committed to making its education accessible and affordable for the family of each student admitted, regardless of financial circumstances. The Compass School of Texas tuition is on par with other Dallas/Fort Worth private schools.

Compass values a school community that includes students with a variety of economic backgrounds. Compass offers two tuition payment options for families. Please see the financial aid page for more information on financing options and tuition cost by grade level. 

The Compass School of Texas will seek accreditation in its third year of operation, when eligible. Compass will continue to pursue academic excellence and offer unique ateliers to enhance student daily experience. 

The Compass School of Texas offers a variety of after-school programs called Enrichments. These Enrichment programs encompass a broad range of focus areas including 3D art, piano, STEM, and sports. Participation in the Compass Enrichment programs provides children with exposure to a wide variety of activities that will help broaden their interest and challenge them to learn and master new skills; thus increasing self-esteem.

These are optional from dismissal to 4:30pm and have an additional cost. 

The Compass School of Texas offers a distinctive meal plan. Compass presents an exciting array of meal choices and culinary innovations to meet the tastes of students – everything from hearty entrées and international cuisine to vegetarian meals; pizza made with low-fat cheeses and whole-grain, fresh house-prepared dough (to name just a few of our dishes). Within our catering program we honor your dietary restrictions and allergies.

Compass has implemented a strict nut free environment for the entire school. All food (including snacks and lunches) brought into the classroom should follow the healthy food policy.