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Mission Statement

The mission of The Compass School of Texas is to provide an engaging and wholesome academic foundation that fosters analytical and independent thinking. We value the partnership among families, educators, and students. Our educational approach instills the joy of learning through intentionally curated classrooms and natural environments. Compass students will have the opportunity to explore and discover through multi-disciplinary learning and authentic experiences.

Five core values drive our mission: Community, Family, Leadership, Purpose and Resilience.


Compass seeks to help build strong relationships within the school, local, and international communities.

Compass provides agricultural and entrepreneurial exposure through service-learning such as active gardens, chicken coops, and student-led farmers markets with charitable contributions to the community.

Compass strives to foster an engaged family community through parental involvement and volunteer opportunities in and outside of the classroom.


Compass believes that family and whole-hearted parenting is at the center of the child’s long-term development.  

Compass provides resources and a lecture series featuring thoughtfully curated speakers and topics pertinent to your child’s growth. 

Compass ensures excellent communication between educators and parents, and conducts ongoing child assessments that will be shared at family-teacher conferences.


Compass believes that at the core of being a strong leader, is having the capacity to think analytically and live true to your values.

Compass assigns age-appropriate responsibilities to students that foster character building, problem-solving, and leadership.

Compass leaders impact their schools and the communities around them through service-learning projects.


Compass believes that making connections between what children are learning and how it impacts the world, inspires them to find their purpose beyond the classroom.

Compass acknowledges that practicing gratitude with our children both invites joy and deepens our understanding of the way they see the world.

Compass works with families to identify student’s unique strengths and interests to help ignite a life-long joy of learning.


Compass believes in equipping students with skills and tools to navigate challenges and see them as opportunities.

Compass intentionally fosters an environment where students see the relationship between effort and achievement, grit and perseverance, respect for hard work and confidence.

Compass gives students the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas in a respectful setting inviting courageous risk-taking.