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Why Compass?


The Compass School of Texas believes in a strong core curriculum balanced by enriching ateliers, outdoor education, and partnerships with families. 


  • Art: Students will engage with endless, high-quality, and real materials. 
  • Music: Students will be introduced to sheet music and have access to a variety of musical instruments and instructions. 
  • Chess: Students will learn the etiquette, rules of the game, and strategy of chess. 
  • Farm-To-Table: Students will plant, water, weed, and harvest their crops in order to create healthy snacks and learn the essentials of balanced nutrition.


  • Nutrition: Students will learn the effects of nourishing our bodies for mental and physical health and growth.
  • Movement Education: Students will understand the importance of daily exercise, focus, determination, and physical education.

Foreign Language 

  • Spanish: Students will receive daily immersive Spanish instruction.