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Why Compass?


The Compass School of Texas believes in a robust core curriculum balanced by enriching signature programs, outdoor education, exploration and discovery of nature, and partnerships with families. 

Signature Compass Fireside Chats

Fireside Chats are open to everyone in the Dallas community. We partner with experts during these community events to educate and inspire families with relevant information. This is a signature speaker series seeking to positively uplift and impact families both within and outside of the Compass parent community. 

Most recently, we partnered with Center for Brain Health and the founder of Gardenuity to discuss the importance of fresh foods, offer tips for grocery runs, and to guide parents on the developmental stages of a child’s brain with our Head of School and Farm-to-Table educator. Please email if you are interested in hosting.

Life Preparation

Chess: Students are encouraged to take risks playing chess with their peers and students will learn the etiquette, rules of the game, and strategy of chess. 
Farm-To-Table: Students will plant, water, weed, and harvest their crops in order to create healthy snacks and learn the essentials of balanced nutrition. Their curiosity is boosted when planting seeds in the garden and they are encouraged to test their independence while connecting concepts they have learned in the classroom and applying it to their lives at home or off campus.
Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy: We have a chicken coop on our campus and students explore their emotional responses when nurturing the chickens and tie concepts of growth and nourishment back to concepts in the classroom. For example, the students created a profit and loss sheet when they figured out the costs of goods sold. They collectively had to agree on what class pet to purchase and voted on the name. 
Spanish: Students will receive daily immersive Spanish instruction. 
Fine Arts: Engaging with the Arts is critical to develop creativity and appreciation for artistic expression. Art is used as a means for students to express themselves and demonstrate their learning. For many students, artistic expression can be as powerful—if not more powerful—than spoken or written communication. Students develop knowledge and understanding of the Arts in society, both from a historical and cultural perspective. They explore different media and techniques as they respond to what they have learned. 
Visual Arts: Students engage in creating their own works of art as they develop as artists. The Compass School of Texas has developed a partnership with Dallas Children’s Theater to provide enrichment within this atelier and is looking to identify additional community partnerships to broaden the reach and scope of the arts education programming. 
Music: Students will be introduced to sheet music and have access to a variety of musical instruments and instructions. 

Social and Emotional Health and Wellness

Yoga and Mindfulness Practice: Students enjoy weekly yoga classes and mindfulness exercises that help regulate their nervous system. A relaxing break is welcomed by our students and educators. 
Conflict Resolution and Strong Communication Skills: Our educational approach is based on a collaborative relationship among the student, the teacher, and the parents, all working together to achieve the best educational journey for each child. Lesson plans are designed to allow students to explore ideas, content, and skills more deeply through field observation or in practice, leading these young minds to engage in critical analysis and reflection. 
Nutrition: Compass students will learn the effects of nourishing our bodies for mental and physical health and growth as well as understand the importance of daily exercise, focus, determination, and physical education.
Movement Education: Students will understand the importance of daily exercise, focus, determination, and physical education.
Wellness: Instilling the values of holistic wellness at a young age provides the foundation for lifelong healthy habits that improve overall health and well-being into adulthood.